2024 Tour de Normandie Femmes route announced

The 2024 Tour de Normandie promises a dynamic and varied terrain across its four stages, including a time trial, traversing all five Norman departments. The race will commence with a 10.3 km time trial around the city of Bagnoles de l’Orne, responding to requests from the women’s peloton for a time trial stage.

Arnaud Anquetil, president of the organising committee, revealed that the second stage, a novel route from Le Neubourg to Pavilly, is strategically split. Initially featuring straight lines, it then leads to the Pont de Brotonne, offering teams chances to make significant moves, especially in windy conditions.

The third stage, stretching from the foot of Coutances Cathedral to Martinvast in North Cotentin, is open to multiple race scenarios. The final, hilly roads could benefit both breakaway groups and solo riders looking to make a difference. Anquetil noted that covering all five departments necessitates significant transfers, highlighting the lengthy transition between the second and third stages.

The final stage from Villers Bocage to Caen is set to be the highlight of the 2024 Tour de Normandie. Anquetil described it as a challenging route with little respite, featuring four climbs and the daunting Côte de la Rançonnière with its steep gradients exceeding 12%.

The 2024 edition will be longer than the previous year’s race, which saw Cédrine Kerbaol emerge as the victor ahead of Gladys Verhulst and Martina Alzini.

2024 Tour de Normandie Femmes Stages

Stage 1 (Individual Time Trial): Thursday, 14 March: Bagnoles de l’Orne – 10.3 km
Stage 2: Friday, 15 March: Le Neubourg – Pavilly – 136.8 km
Stage 3: Saturday, 16 March: Coutances – Martinvast – 137.3 km
Stage 4: Sunday, 17 March: Villers Bocage – Caen – 138.4 km