A closer look at Luchos natural energy blocks

Luchos, a company inspired by Colombian traditions, produces eco-friendly energy blocks that are fast becoming the go-to source of fuel for UK runners and cyclists. These blocks are based on a traditional Colombian recipe that has been fuelling the success of South American athletes for over half a century.

The energy blocks have recently made their debut in the UK, earning popularity as a natural alternative to energy drinks and gels that are typically laden with additives and preservatives.

These energy blocks are centred around guava and are vegan, gluten-free and entirely natural, providing athletes with a quick energy boost. Luchos, one of the pioneers of eco-friendly packaging, is committed to reducing litter in the UK’s countryside, rivers and oceans, while also offering athletes a more natural fuel alternative.

In recent years, Luchos has backed numerous top-notch athletes in various fields. This includes mountaineers like Ed Hill, who brought Luchos along to the summit of Everest in May 2021. Also, the all-female crew of Full Throttle, who were the fastest women’s boat across the Atlantic this year in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Becki Adams, a London-based marathon runner shared her experience: “I’ve been using Luchos for a few years now. I used to grapple with nausea and cramping when relying on traditional marathon fuels. Nothing seemed to ease the situation until I discovered Luchos. They were my sole source of fuel during the Chicago Marathon when I achieved my first sub-three-hour marathon time. I experienced zero cramping and felt remarkably strong throughout the race. I continued to use them in this year’s Boston Marathon and I can’t foresee myself participating in any future marathon without Luchos as my fuel. They’ve accompanied me through three marathons and countless shorter races, and I see them being my primary fuel for many years to come.”

Luchos block

The original recipe, a guava-based block, is a veritable superfruit packed with nutritional goodness and essential minerals. It’s been a cherished secret among Colombian cyclists for over 50 years, who’ve used them in competitive events, including the Tour de France.

Secret Columbian recipe for energy blocks has supported thousands of UK athletes

Luchos blocks also address digestion issues that many runners and cyclists face, through the use of their guava-based recipe.

“Our energy blocks may be steeped in tradition, but they are decidedly contemporary. We’re eager to continue aiding UK athletes and those globally with our rapidly energising, easily digestible and 100% natural ingredient blocks. We’ve expanded upon the original South American recipe by introducing new flavours like acai, coffee, and raspberry.

Our commitment to the environment sees us retain the bijao leaf wrapper, reducing litter along running, cycling and hiking routes, and saving athletes from having to lug home sticky packaging. Our convenient, nutritious energy blocks truly deliver.”

Chris Bruce-Payne, Managing Director at Luchos

Luchos is currently working on developing new flavours to complement its superfruit guava base and broadening its product range.

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