ABUS and London Cycling Campaign Join Forces to Combat Bike Theft in London

ABUS and London Cycling Campaign (LCC) have embarked on a partnership to address the rampant issue of bike theft in London. As part of this collaboration, ABUS will become the official security partner of LCC, extending its support to the organisation’s Europe-wide research on the best practices to deter cycle theft.

LCC, a charity and cycling advocacy organisation, has been at the forefront of campaigns for better prevention and enforcement of bike theft for many years. This partnership marks a crucial step towards overcoming a significant obstacle to the Mayor’s goal of increasing cycle trips by a third by 2030.

In London, bike theft ranks among the top concerns for cyclists, second only to road safety and fear of injury. While 18,500 thefts are reported to the police annually, the actual figure is estimated to be around 70,000, excluding burglaries from homes and sheds. Alarmingly, 62% of individuals whose bikes are stolen either stop cycling or reduce their cycling frequency.

LCC advocates for swift action in implementing measures to combat cycle theft, including the expansion of secure cycle parking. With over 3,000 secure cycle hangars already installed on London streets, and a commitment from the Mayor to deliver an additional 2,000, progress is underway. Additionally, LCC urges the Mayor to expedite the delivery of 36,000 on-street cycle parking spaces as outlined in his Cycle Parking Implementation Plan.

Tom Fyans, Chief Executive of the London Cycling Campaign, emphasised the significance of addressing cycle theft to promote cycling and reduce car dependency. He highlighted the partnership with ABUS as instrumental in developing anti-theft strategies, enhancing enforcement, and assisting cyclists in safeguarding their property.

Peter Romanov, Managing Director of ABUS UK Ltd, echoed the sentiment, acknowledging London’s unfortunate distinction as the capital of UK cycle crime. He expressed ABUS’s commitment to supporting the growth of cycling in London and collaborating with LCC to combat bicycle theft, envisioning a positive outcome for the entire city.

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