AG Insurance-Soudal Quick-Step Unveils New Eco-Inspired Jersey for 2024

AG Insurance Soudal 2024 Jersey

AG Insurance-Soudal Quick-Step, commonly known as The Wolfpack, has introduced a new jersey for the 2024 season, showcasing it during their training camp in Calpe, Spain. The team, which will be sporting the new name AG Insurance-Soudal from next year, collaborated with clothing partner Castelli and designer Stijn Dossche to create this unique jersey.

Designer Stijn Dossche shared insights into the creative process, highlighting the team’s commitment to environmental consciousness. The jersey’s design revolves around the theme of green and nature, with an emphasis on various shades of blue symbolising moving water. The design also features flowers in motion on the sleeves and side panels, symbolising the continuous evolution and movement of both the world and the team. Dossche expressed excitement about the playful lines in the design, which break away from traditional straight lines, adding a dynamic ‘water vibe’ to the jersey.

The new jersey proudly displays the logos of the team’s sponsors, including AG Insurance, Soudal, Safety Jogger, Janom, Specialized, Ekopak, and Castelli. These partnerships have been integral to the team so far and will continue to be prominently featured in the new design. The riders had the opportunity to don the jersey for the first time at their training camp in Calpe this week and are set to wear it in competitions on the road and in the field throughout 2024.

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