Anais Morichon to move on from 2023 season and look forward to 2024

Anais Morichon

The 2023 season will not be featured in the highlights reel of 23-year-old French cyclist Anaïs Morichon’s career. Plagued by a litany of health issues, including mononucleosis and an iron deficiency, Anais Morichon has struggled to perform at her full potential. Speaking candidly with DirectVelo, she lamented, “I was never truly at 100%. It was a mentally challenging time, especially after having a successful season two years ago.”

During this period of adversity, Morichon drew strength from the support of her Breton training staff. “The team recognised the difficulties I was facing and provided not only physical but moral support. They reassured me that better days lie ahead in the next season,” she affirmed.

As she seeks to reboot both mentally and physically, Morichon is giving herself a three-week breather before returning to the saddle towards the end of November. Retaining her Arkéa-B&B Hôtels spot for the next year, she is keen on making her mark, especially in off-road competitions. With two wins in Camors – the site of the next French Cyclocross Championships scheduled for January 2024 – she already has a successful track record to build upon.

Morichon is finalising her calendar, aiming to include UCI races in Belgium and World Cup races. She conceded, “There might not be many races in France in the end.” However, this decision means she will skip the Coupe de France weekends in Quelneuc and Albi but may well make an appearance in Flamanville for the World Cup round and the concluding episodes of the Coupe de France. “The French Championships are certainly the principal aim,” she stated, further emphasising the need for a meticulous approach to her training and racing calendar to ensure she is in peak form for the key events.

Putting a forgettable season behind her, Anaïs Morichon is imbued with a renewed sense of focus and a supportive team backing her endeavours. Now, all that remains is to fine-tune the optimal programme to enable her to compete at her best in the forthcoming season. In turning the page on the 2023 season, Morichon is intent on making her next chapter a more memorable one.

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