Antri Christoforou Clinches Grand Prix Surf City Victory in El Salvador

The first edition of the Grand Prix Surf City, a one-day race that’s part of the collection of races forming the Tour El Salvador 2024, concluded with a remarkable victory by the Cypriot cyclist Antri Christoforou of Team Roland. Christoforou conquered the challenging 108.5-kilometre route from the National Palace to La Libertad, securing her place atop the podium.

Christoforou’s triumph was secured when she crossed the finish line ahead of her teammate, the Italian Elena Pirrone of Team Roland, and Colombian cyclist Karen Villamizar of Boneshaker Project p/b Roxo, who claimed third place. Christoforou was part of an initial break of 4 riders who managed to go clear with a reasonable gap. Her teammate Giorgia Vettorello was also in the move but eventually, all the riders bar Christoforou were caught by the peloton.

This significant cycling event for El Salvador showcased international talent, with 16 teams from around the world participating. The Tour El Salvador event will continue until March 13, covering various roads across the country with 4 one-day races and a 5-day stage race. Countries such as El Salvador, Switzerland, Spain, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Italy, the United States, Honduras, and Ukraine were represented in today’s race.

Expressing her pride in being part of the event, Salvadoran athlete Sauking Shi highlighted the significance of representing the national colours in an international peloton. “This event has not been held for 10 years, and it is great that it is being resumed thanks to the support of the Government, which promotes sports, in this case, women’s cycling,” she remarked.

Grand Prix Surf City El Salvador 2024 result

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