Arkea-B&B Hotels announce signing of Titia Ryo and Océane Mahé

Julie Byo Titiana Ryo

Arkea-B&B Hotels has further solidified its roster for the upcoming season with the signing of two promising talents: Titia Ryo and Océane Mahé.

Brittany-born Ryo expressed her delight at joining a team from her native region, referring to it as a “great pride.” The young cyclist acknowledged the team’s reputation for nurturing Breton talent and is eager to integrate into the squad. Notably, Ryo, who identifies herself as a climber and a puncher, has relocated to Nice. The move aims to capitalise on the region’s challenging terrain to develop these particular skill sets. She is also a first-year student in sports studies, commonly known as STAPS in France, and has her eyes set on gaining ample experience from the seasoned riders of Arkea-B&B Hotels.

Océane Mahé (middle)

Mahé, on the other hand, considers her signing a significant milestone but not the endgame. Describing herself as an all-rounder with a preference for climbing, Mahé aims to continue her growth in professional cycling. She is also juggling her academic commitments as a second-year student at the École des Mines de Nancy. Her long-term ambition is to work in sports engineering, specifically in bike design, post her cycling career.

Emmanuel Hubert, the General Manager of the team, weighed in on the new signings. He underscored the team’s commitment to investing in young Breton talent, citing Ryo’s recent achievements as a case in point. She finished sixth in the junior World Championships in Glasgow and fourth in the European Championships in Drenthe.

According to Hubert, the team’s goal is to gradually elevate Ryo to the highest level, a journey she’s already commenced with impressive junior season performances. Mahé, already in her second year of study in Nancy, has also showcased her duality in managing both her cycling and educational commitments effectively.

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