Arkea B&B Hotels shows off its new 2024 jersey

Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager of the Arkea-B&B Hotels teams, has announced that their 2024 jersey theme will be “Excalibur”, drawing inspiration from the legendary Breton sword. Hubert shared that from January 1, 2024, their UCI WorldTour, UCI Continental, and UCI Women’s Continental structures will share the same title partners – Arkea and B&B Hotels, a first in France. This move is aimed at strengthening the sense of belonging to the same family among all riders. The team’s colours, red and black, will remain as they have become a symbol of recognition in the professional peloton and among supporters.

Hubert emphasised the team’s deep-rooted connection to the Breton region, a sentiment that has been carried globally. The 2024 jersey design, centred around the “Excalibur” theme, reflects the team’s origins and land, incorporating Celtic history and cycling references. He highlighted that this Breton spirit can be summed up in one word: audacity. Hubert expressed hope that this spirit will drive the team’s runners to continue writing the team’s legacy, especially as they mark their twentieth season in the professional men’s peloton.

Arkea B&B Hotels Women 2024 Jersey

Cédric Malengreau, Director of the General Secretariat and Institutional Communication, expressed pride in supporting a men’s cycling team competing in the UCI World Tour and now in the UCI Continental and UCI Women’s Continental teams. He pointed out that the team’s achievements are the result of hard work and the fighting spirit of their runners. The new jersey design, inspired by Breton legends, reflects the team’s commitment to equality, diversity, and surpassing oneself.

Arkea B&B Hotels Men 2024 Jersey

Vincent Quandalle, General Manager of Western Europe B&B Hotels, shared his enthusiasm for revealing the 2024 jersey, which symbolises the partnership’s shared values and ambitions. The jersey’s boldness, determination, and unique asymmetry give it a distinct personality. Quandalle also emphasised the importance of diversity in cycling and supporting emerging talents. He expressed his eagerness to see the team in action and wished them a successful sporting season.

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