11 Bikes and toolkits stolen from TotalEnergies team truck at 2024 Tour de France

07/07/2024 - Tour de France 2024 - Étape 9 - Troyes / Troyes (199 km) - TURGIS Anthony (TOTALENERGIES)

In an unexpected setback, a French cyclocross team faced a significant challenge when 11 of their Enve race bikes were stolen overnight. The theft left the team in a difficult position as they scrambled to build replacements ahead of their upcoming race.

The incident occurred just hours before a critical stage, disrupting the team’s preparation and causing considerable concern. Team mechanics worked tirelessly to assemble new bikes from spare parts and borrowed equipment to ensure that the riders could still compete.

The stolen bikes, featuring customised components and top-of-the-line technology, were crucial to the team’s performance. Without them, the team had to rely on backup equipment that lacked the same level of precision and familiarity.

“It was a challenging situation, but the team pulled together,” said the team manager. “We had to work quickly to get everything ready, and the support from other teams and sponsors was invaluable.”

Authorities are investigating the theft, and the team hopes for the swift recovery of the stolen bikes. Meanwhile, the riders continue to focus on their performance, determined not to let this setback affect their racing ambitions.

The incident has raised concerns about security measures for high-value equipment in the cycling community. Teams are now looking at ways to enhance protection for their gear to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Despite the disruption, the French team remains optimistic and committed to giving their best in the upcoming races. The cycling world watches closely, recognising the resilience and dedication of the athletes and their support staff.

TotalEnergies celebrated a stage win a few days ago when Anthony Turgis took the team’s first Tour de France win in several editions.

Main photo credit: ASO

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