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Bizkaia Durango happy with their wins in Portugal and Brazil national championships

Tota Magalhaes 2023 Brazil National Championships

Bizkaia Durango can look back on the 2023 national championships block happy with their success. Through the Brazilian Tota Magalhães, and the Portuguese Beatriz Pereira, both riders reigned victorious in the National Championships over the weekend. Tota Magalhães became the overall Brazilian champion on the road in Cascavel, while Beatriz Pereira seized the Portuguese U23 champion’s jerseys for both the road race and time trial, whilst also coming 2nd Overall in both races. She can look forward to maybe going one better in 2024.

In Portugal, on the same courses as last year, Bizkaia Durango’s Daniela Campos could not return to defend the titles she won in 2022 due to her ongoing recovery from a tumble taken in La Vuelta Femenina. Despite Campos’s absence, Beatriz Pereira stood as the lone representative of Bizkaia Durango, excelling in her performance. She clinched second place overall in the time trial and the sub-23 title, a success she repeated the following day in the road race.

Beatriz Pereira

“I am very happy with the double, it has been very exciting to achieve it and to be so close to beating the elites. I am in my second year of under-23 and being up there is very important to me, especially since the last few months have not been too easy… but after the rain, the sun always comes. This weekend has been amazing and very special, and I look forward to continuing to progress and grow.”

Beatriz Pereira

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Maiden Brazilian title for Magalhães

The road race national championship in Brazil brought the weekend to a close, where Tota Magalhães clinched her maiden elite national champion title, after her triumph in the under-23 category the previous year. Earlier this week in the time trial, Tota also took 4th place. The Brazilian national champion’s jersey is rarely seen in the European peloton so will be one to look out for!

“I am very excited… I have dreamed of this moment for a long time and it has been achieved with a lot of hard work. I am super happy, wearing the Brazilian jersey in the races in Europe is a dream that will come true, it will be incredible. We have 90 girls out and I am also super happy with the growth of cycling in Brazil.”

Tota Magalhães

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