British Cycling Team’s High-Tech Tune-Up for Ford RideLondon Classique

In preparation for the imminent Ford RideLondon Classique, the DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK cycling team recently undertook an innovative training session at Ford’s Dunton Campus in Essex. This distinctive preparation aimed to fine-tune the team’s performance for the Classique and other European events, marking their second participation in this prestigious UCI Women’s WorldTour event. The first stage of the 2024 Classique is set to commence in Saffron Walden, concluding in Colchester, with the race spanning over three days, culminating in an iconic circuit of central London.

The DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK team, including British riders Frankie Hall and Lucy Lee, experienced Ford’s Environmental Test Lab’s (ETL) controlled conditions. This testing allowed the team to replicate real-life cycling conditions, ranging from hot weather training at temperatures up to 25 degrees to cold weather training slightly above freezing. The ETL also simulated crosswinds at speeds up to 50 kph, providing the riders with a unique opportunity to assess their performance under varied conditions.

Lucy Lee highlighted the importance of such training, especially considering the challenges posed by different weather conditions during racing. Frankie Hall emphasised the invaluable nature of these sessions, acknowledging the support from sport partners like Ford. Simon Howes, the team’s principal, pointed out the critical role of the heat chamber training, especially given the UK’s cooler climate, stressing the significance of the Classique for British teams and riders.

Lisa Brankin, Ford UK’s Chair and Managing Director, expressed delight in supporting the team through Ford’s RideLondon-Essex initiative. The training at Dunton Campus underscores Ford’s commitment to promoting cycling as a smart alternative for short journeys, aligning with the ‘Park the Car’ initiative.

Scott Sunderland, the Ford RideLondon Classique Race Director, praised the contributions of British teams and riders to the event’s success. He underscored the event’s role in nurturing women’s cycling and fostering a growing enthusiasm for the sport among the youth. This training session not only underscores the innovative approaches teams are taking to prepare but also highlights the collaborative efforts to promote cycling and develop the sport further.