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It’s been a considerable amount of time since I have written something like this and it’s not something I find easy, but I thought I’d give it a crack!

To be honest, I am using this as a bit of an excuse for a break from my uni work. I am doing a BSc Hons in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. This came about back in 2017 when I had planned for 2018 to be my last season of racing and felt I needed something to do after cycling. So this degree was it…that was until I got silver at the National Crit Champs 2018 and I realised I wasn’t ready to stop racing just yet! So I’ve been balancing a degree, training, racing and working for the last few seasons.

Colleges and universities closed last week and we still had several weeks of teaching left so I’m finding it a bit of a struggle to get this degree finished from home. Although, it is quite refreshing to be able to write this without having to reference everything!

I am currently working on a business module where we have to write a business plan for our business. The ironic thing about this is that I actually had to close my clinic and stop seeing clients due to COVID-19. Back in December I started renting a room in a gym along with seeing clients from home. It was building up momentum and going well. There was quite a lot of grey area when it came to sports therapists – should we/shouldn’t we see clients with everything going on? For me it was clear, I felt I shouldn’t see people as it was one to one close contact, so I decided to close the doors earlier than most. I felt the risk wasn’t worth it.

I was lucky enough to pick up a couple of shifts at the Coffee Chain next door to the gym. Jody Bett, who has been my long-suffering boss for the last 4 years, actually thought he had seen the back of me when I decided to set my clinic up! The following week the government announced that all gyms, cafes etc had to close. My heart goes out to all small businesses and the self-employed. These are incredibly difficult times. However, The Coffee Chain will be back (give them a follow on Facebook)!

Because of this I am at home with only the need to head out for shopping and to ride my bike while I can. We are in a fortunate position where Rick, my boyfriend, is classed as a key worker. However, our relationship has already been tested when on day 2 I found out that he’d uprooted the flowers I’d planted in the garden and fed them to the tortoises!

Like everyone else it is a tricky time when it comes to training. I am so lucky that my coach Dean Downing is always at the end of the phone. Over the last week we have had regular contact to talk and change our plan. These sorts of times I really struggle; I struggle with the concept of just riding my bike. I have to have a why, a goal, every time I turn the pedals has to be for a reason, so when it comes to some down time from training I find it quite tough mentally. I am really grateful for the support I get from Dean, on and off the bike.

These are unprecedented times, I have realised just how much my life revolves around riding my bike. When things like this happen it makes you realise there is a bigger picture and how fast your world can change.

I best be off! I’ve got some more flowers to plant! Plenty of things planned over the next few months, make sure you stay safe and keep checking on those friends, even the strong ones!

Thanks for reading

Jo x