Catch up with Tata Martins


“I’m really happy because the team is happy and the sponsors are happy too. So for me, it’s really special to give this podium to the team. I have been really, really grateful to be in this team.”Tata Martins.

When Tata Martins finished on the podium at Ronde de Mouscron, she quickly put space between herself and the rest of the field.


A great match for Tempur’s unique pressure-relieving material created from NASA technology.

Tempur began sponsoring Drops Le Col for the 2021 season. They provide the team with mattresses and pillows to sleep on whilst at home, then Tempur products while travelling. An important aspect – as being a cyclist can be a busy job.

“When I’m at home I have my Tempur mattress. I really like it. Obviously when we switch to other mattresses it seems a bit weird, but I always have my pillow with me. Wherever I go. The pillow goes with me so it’s a big advantage for me.”

The importance of sleep, rest and recovery in cycling cannot be understated.

“Your mood, your everything, it’s all about how well you sleep. If I don’t have a good night’s sleep, the day won’t go really well.”

But that day on the roads of Belgium went well for Tata as she finished 3rd after 121 kilometres, securing Drops’ first podium of the year.


It takes a lot of effort to cover a lot of moves, exerting energy to ensure the team plan is executed perfectly.

“We had a plan to go for a bunch sprint with me. Obviously, in the race it’s completely different. Everything can happen, there’s a lot of moves that we have to cover. It’s just about teamwork and commitment.”

Executed as perfectly as the mattress she sleeps on. With a dedication to their craftsmanship, it takes sixty hours to create one Tempur mattress. Something noticeable to Tata.

“I think [the mattress] is key. If you don’t like the mattress, you always turn and you cannot sleep well. It’s like the massage, the recovery, the food, I think it’s one of the things that make something bigger happen.”

After her podium with Drops, Tata is focused on the upcoming Olympics. The 21-year-old already has a solid ground, winning the bronze medal for Portugal in the scratch race at the 2019 European Track Championships. Keep an eye out for her on the road and the track.