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Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado goes 2 from 2 this week with World Cup win at Troyes

Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado demonstrated remarkable resilience and skill to clinch her second victory of the weekend at the World Cup in Troyes, despite facing two falls during the race. This triumph followed her success at Merksplas on Saturday. Alvarado managed to outpace Puck Pieterse, who made a notable return to competition after a month’s break, and secured a solo victory. Lucinda Brand completed an all-Dutch podium. In the World Cup standings, Alvarado leads with 135 points, followed by compatriot Fem Van Empel and Britain’s Zoe Backstedt.

Pieterse, reflecting on her performance, acknowledged the challenging nature of the race and admitted that her enthusiastic start might have led to her being overexerted. Despite this, she expressed satisfaction with her second-place finish. During the race, Pieterse switched from tyres with a heavier tread to a smoother profile, although she remained uncertain if this significantly impacted her performance.

Alvarado, emotionally charged post-race, recounted the hard battles she has faced in recent years to achieve her current form. This victory, she said, was particularly special as it was a hard-fought win against Pieterse while wearing the leader’s jersey, making it one of her most memorable successes to date.

Brand, finishing third, described the race as extremely challenging, especially the start. She noted the difficulty in getting into the right rhythm but managed to find her stride as the race progressed. She also commented on the influence of tyre choice during the race, adding an extra layer of strategy to the competition.

Leonie Bentveld initially led the race, with Pieterse and Alvarado closely following. However, Alvarado and Pieterse soon distanced themselves from the rest, with Alvarado eventually overcoming Pieterse in a thrilling contest and claiming a convincing victory. Pieterse settled for second place, while Brand clinched third after a tight battle with Sara Casasola.

Alvarado’s win solidifies her lead in the World Cup standings ahead of the upcoming Dublin round, where she stands with a significant lead over her closest competitors. Her triumph in Troyes, coupled with her victory at Merksplas, underscores her dominant form in the cyclocross circuit.

2023 World Cup Troyes Women result

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