Chilean Aranza Villalón Claims Victory in Grand Prix MOPT

Chilean cyclist Aranza Villalón triumphed in the Grand Prix MOPT, a time trial event marking the conclusion of the Tour El Salvador. Villalón, representing Team Soltec Iberoamérica, seized victory with a time of 35 minutes and 22 seconds, showcasing her prowess in the race against the clock.

Reflecting on her win, Villalón expressed her elation, describing the event as a test of “all or nothing.” She highlighted the significance of her victory in a discipline she excels in, emphasising her satisfaction with her performance.

The Grand Prix MOPT witnessed intense competition among 55 international and national cyclists, all pushing themselves to the limit along the 25-kilometre route. Villalón’s victory, achieved amidst challenging conditions, underscored her determination and skill as a cyclist.

Acknowledging the significance of the event, Villalón praised the organisers for providing a platform for teams to showcase their talents on a global stage. She also expressed appreciation for the picturesque landscapes encountered during the race, adding to the overall experience.

The race, which commenced at Sunset Park Surf City in La Libertad and concluded in San Luis Talpa, featured a demanding course under the scorching coastal sun. Despite the challenging conditions, Villalón’s exceptional performance secured her the top spot on the podium, affirming her status as a formidable competitor in women’s cycling.

Anna Kiesenhofer

Looking ahead, the organisers announced plans for the Tour El Salvador to return in 2025 with an expanded format and government support. Rubén Contreras, president of the organising committee, revealed plans for a larger event featuring 10 races, including nine Grand Prix events and the flagship Tour El Salvador. The initiative aims to elevate the tour’s status and attract top talent from around the world, building on the success of previous editions.

2024 Grand Prix MOPT result

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