Claire Steels to join Movistar for next 3 seasons


In a move that signals the future direction of its women’s team, Movistar Team has announced the signing of British cyclist Claire Steels. Currently part of Israel – Premier Tech Roland, Steels has committed to a three-season deal that will see her at Movistar until the end of the 2026 season.

Steels, who hails from Bourne, Great Britain and was born in 1986, has had a meteoric rise in her cycling career. She transitioned from the world of duathlon and running to become a force to be reckoned with in professional cycling. Remarkably, she has achieved this stature in only a few UCI seasons. Racing for Brother Fusion in the UK during 2018 and 2019, she initially cut her teeth at the UCI level in Spanish cycling, notably with the Sopela Women’s Team. There, she secured multiple victories in the Euskaldun Tournament, growing in both experience and authority within the peloton.

Her 2023 season was particularly outstanding. Not only did she secure top-20 finishes in two GTs, La Vuelta Femenina and the Tour de France Femmes, but she also won the reVolta one-day race too. Steels has been a strong performer in other races too, taking third place in Durango-Durango and achieving various other notable placements.

Speaking about her career so far, Steels admitted she hadn’t anticipated such rapid development as an athlete. She underscored her commitment to giving her best in every discipline she has ventured into. Signing with one of the leading WorldTour teams, she said, is like a dream come true for her. Reflecting on what’s next, Steels expressed that she feels her journey in the world of professional cycling is just beginning. She is confident that with the guidance of Movistar’s experienced staff and cyclists, she can further improve her skills. Specifically, Steels aims to become more consistent in stage races and to be an exemplary teammate both on and off the competition circuit.

With Annemiek van Vleuten retiring at the end of this season, this signing helps Movistar move on from the loss of their star rider with alternative options.