Clara Koppenburg to join EF Education-Cannondale

Clara Koppenburg

Clara Koppenburg, a 28-year-old German cyclist, has joined the women’s team of EF Education-Cannondale, bringing her considerable experience and zest for learning. With a decade-long professional cycling career, Clara is known for her insatiable curiosity about the sport, constantly seeking to understand more and push her limits.

She originally came to cycling later in life, having been involved in various other sports and outdoor activities. Her dad’s connection to professional cycling eventually led her to fall in love with the sport after witnessing a race in Colorado. Since then, she has rapidly climbed the ranks, learning on the go and even being thrust into competition against some of the world’s best cyclists.

Her analytical mind, coupled with her broad athletic background, including horse riding, tennis, basketball, skiing, and running, has shaped her into a resilient and adaptable rider. Her approach to training, often described as perfectionist, has been influenced by her understanding of sports science and her knowledge of the roads around her home in the Black Forest.

Koppenburg’s addition to EF Education-Cannondale is hailed by general manager Esra Tromp, who sees in Clara a great climber with a positive mindset and an active racing style. She is viewed as a valuable asset to the team’s climbing group and is expected to make significant contributions.

Her future goals are ambitious, including standing on the podium at a grand tour. Previously, she has won the Setmana Ciclista Valenciana – Vuelta Comunitat and finished second in other significant races. With a passion for stage racing, she aims to improve in general classification (GC) riding, climbing, and punchiness. Koppenburg should have had strong results in 2021 and 2022 but the German broke her hip two years in a row during the Giro Donne. Her 2023 season has been much luckier, with no serious injuries and the race results well earned.

Apart from cycling, Clara enjoys exploring her beautiful surroundings, spending time with friends, and experimenting with vegan recipes, like her famous banana bread. Ten years into her career, Clara’s motivation is stronger than ever, and she seems ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities with EF Education-Cannondale. Her move to the team appears to align well with her aspirations and continued growth as a professional cyclist.