Rasa Leleivyte

Name: Rasa Leleivyte
Nationality: Lithuania
Place of Birth: Vilnius
Date of Birth: 22nd July 1988

Aromitalia Vaiano
Aromitalia Vaiano
Aromitalia Vaiano

Rasa Leleivyte Articles

Audrey Cordon Ragot Tour de Bretagne Feminine 2019

Tour de Bretagne Féminin 2022 Race Preview

The Tour de Bretagne Féminin has been run since the 1980s, albeit with some interruptions. Catherine Marsal won a pair of the early editions, before Jeannie Longo unsurprisingly won too. It was German rider Hanka Kupfernagel who was the first to win 3 editions of the race though. She was joined on 3 victories by Marina Jaunatre in the mid-2000s. Brit Emma Pooley won in 2008, taking 2 stages along the way.

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