Demi Vollering wraps up 2023 Tour de France as Reusser wins TT

Demi Vollering Tour de France Femmes

Demi Vollering won the Tour de France Femmes. She made sure of her overall win in the final time trial race. Marlen Reusser won the stage, with Vollering and Lotte Kopecky coming behind her. Kopecky moved ahead of two others in the overall standings.

On the eighth day of the Tour de France Femmes, the riders had to complete a time trial of 22.6 kilometres. The course was mostly flat. There was a small hill after ten kilometres, and the last part went uphill. This race was made for the strongest riders in the group.

An Italian rider, Vittoria Guazzini, set an impressive time. She was the fourth-best at the World TT Championships and was able to lead for a while. Others tried but couldn’t beat Guazzini’s time.

Grace Brown went faster than Guazzini, but not for long. Marlen Reusser came next, and she was maybe the top pick to win. She raced much faster than Brown.

Then it was time for the riders who were leading in overall points. Reusser was still in the lead. Only Vollering came close. SD Worx, the team they were on, was doing well. Kopecky was doing great, and at one point, she was faster than another top rider, moving her closer to a win.

Kopecky did well at the end and ended up with the third fastest time. Vollering was in second place, which meant she won overall. Kopecky moved ahead of two other riders in the final standings. SD Worx’s celebration was complete.

2023 Tour de France Femmes Stage 8 result

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