Dual-team strategy boosts prospects for Leonie Bentveld and Viktor Vandenberghe

Leonie Bentveld AG Insurance-Soudal

Rising cyclocross stars Leonie Bentveld and Viktor Vandenberghe are poised to enhance their skills through a strategic collaboration between teams, aiming for a more robust cyclocross season. Bentveld will join AG Insurance – Soudal for the upcoming road season while maintaining her cyclocross commitments with Pauwels Sauzen – Bingoal. Similarly, Vandenberghe will race for Soudal Quick-Step Devo Team on the road, but return to Pauwels Sauzen – Bingoal for cyclocross competitions.

Leonie Bentveld expressed her enthusiasm about this arrangement: “I am very much looking forward to riding on the road for AG Insurance – Soudal. After a very successful cyclocross season, I hope to take my performances to an even higher level with this step. I am very grateful for the trust Jurgen and Patrick have placed in me.”

Reflecting on her dual participation, Bentveld shared her previous experiences and future aspirations: “Over the past two seasons, I have raced on the road with Chevalmeire. I did ride on the road in my youth, but in recent years that was less the case. The focus was mainly on cyclocross. I hope that this road program can help me improve, but at the same time, I am also curious to see what I can achieve on the road.”

Leonie Bentveld

Viktor Vandenberghe also shared his excitement about the developmental benefits of this arrangement. “I am incredibly happy and motivated to start the road season with the Soudal Quick-Step Devo Team. It is fantastic that I can continue to combine cyclocross with my activities at Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal. I am truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity.”

As a first-year promise rider, Vandenberghe is conscious of the challenges ahead, yet remains determined to showcase his capabilities: “As a first-year promise, I am aware of the big challenge that the transition brings, but I am determined to show my talent. Over the past few years, I have already gained experience in several multi-day UCI races, climbing races, and criteriums,” he added.

This strategic partnership between the teams is aimed at providing these young athletes with the best possible preparation for their cyclocross campaigns, ensuring they are well-rounded and competitive across both disciplines.