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Eli Iserbyt goes 3 from 3 in the Superprestige at Niel

Eli Iserbyt emerged victorious at the Superprestige Niel, outperforming Joris Nieuwenhuis in the final lap to clinch the win. Nieuwenhuis secured second place, followed by Felipe Orts. Notable riders like Lars van der Haar, Thibau Nys, and Michael Vanthourenhout didn’t feature prominently in the race. Iserbyt led the field after Van der Haar’s early fall, with Nieuwenhuis joining him shortly after. The duo maintained a lead, with Laurens Sweeck initially chasing. Iserbyt expressed satisfaction with his performance, acknowledging the challenge posed by Nieuwenhuis. He attributed his victory to his superior performance in the muddy sections, overcoming Nieuwenhuis’s advantage in uphill running sections.

Iserbyt’s win solidified his lead in the Superprestige series, expressing contentment with his form throughout the season. He looked forward to participating in the upcoming World Cup in Dendermonde. His focus remained on enjoying each race and finding pleasure in the sport, amidst various discussions about the different cyclocross series.

Meanwhile, Lars van der Haar had a challenging day, suffering a dislocated shoulder but managing to continue racing, ultimately not finishing. Felipe Orts made history for Spanish cyclocross by securing a podium finish in a Belgian cyclocross series, a feat not achieved by any Spanish rider before. He expressed his joy and highlighted the challenges of the muddy course in Niel.

Michael Vanthourenhout, the newly crowned European champion, had to abandon the race due to a knee injury sustained during a fall. His participation in the forthcoming race in Dendermonde remains uncertain, dependent on his recovery.

2023 Superprestige Niel Men result

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