End of an era: Bizkaia-Durango to cease operations in 2024

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Bizkaia-Durango, a staple in women’s cycling for over two decades, has announced that it will not continue in 2024. The team, which has been competing for 21 seasons, has faced a challenging decision due to new minimum budgetary requirements set by the Spanish Cycling Federation for the upcoming year. This requirement makes it unfeasible for the team to maintain its status in the UCI Continental category.

Reflecting on its extensive history, the team says it takes pride in being an integral part of the evolution of women’s cycling, especially in the Basque region. They have provided competitive opportunities to about 300 cyclists, enabling them to participate in some of the world’s most prestigious races. The team’s journey began in 2003, achieving a significant milestone with Joane Somarriba’s Grande Boucle victory. In their final season, Bizkaia-Durango maintained its prominence, participating in two Grand Tours, finishing on 18 appearances in the last 21 editions of the Giro Donne and also the Vuelta Feminina.

The team also recognises the invaluable contribution of various individuals who have been a part of their journey, noting that despite having one of the lowest budgets on the international scene, they had the best people possible. Bizkaia-Durango’s departure from the cycling scene is marked with a blend of pride in their achievements and gratitude to the cycling community that has supported them throughout their journey. They carry with them the memories of support and love received from fans and supporters, acknowledging that cycling would not be the same without this backing. The team hopes for a potential return in the future if circumstances allow.

Other Spanish teams are closing too heading into 2024, others will go down to the National level and Soltec will be registered as Panamanian in 2024.

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