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FDJ-SUEZ confirms appointment of Lieselot Decroix as Performance Director

FDJ-SUEZ has welcomed Lieselot Decroix as its new Director of Performance. Decroix, a former international cyclist who participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and holds a doctorate, brings a blend of academic rigour and competitive experience to her new role.

“Lieselot possesses this unique duality between high-level competition experience and a scientific approach, underpinned by her exemplary academic career,” said Stephen Delcourt, General Manager of FDJ-SUEZ. “We are convinced that her vision and skills will fortify our strategic positioning, with a constant eye towards innovation and heightened performance in our future projects.”

Decroix transitions to FDJ-SUEZ after a three-year stint with Jumbo Visma Women, where she applied her expertise in coaching. “I am thrilled to announce that I will join FDJ-SUEZ as Director of Performance for 2024 and beyond,” Decroix stated. “I am deeply aligned with their vision, ambition, and passion, and am incredibly motivated to contribute to the team’s future triumphs.”

Her appointment comes at a time when women’s cycling is enjoying unprecedented growth and increased visibility. By tapping into Decroix’s diverse skill set, FDJ-SUEZ signals not just a staff addition but a strategic pivot aimed at positioning the team as a vanguard of innovation and success in the sport.

As FDJ-SUEZ prepares to work alongside their new Performance Director, the atmosphere within the team is one of excitement about the 2024 season. With Decroix’s valuable expertise now part of their arsenal, the team is eager and well-equipped to face the promising challenges that lie ahead in the cycling landscape. Their 2023 season isn’t quite over yet however, they will race both of the WWT races taking place in China in the next week