Former Manager Esra Tromp Criticises Jumbo-Visma Women: Riders Left for Valid Reasons

Esra Tromp

Esra Tromp has detailed her experiences with the formation of the Jumbo-Visma Women’s cycling team and her eventual departure from the role of manager, which took place at the end of May. Speaking to Velo, Tromp conveyed that her exit was precipitated by internal frustrations. She did not delve deeply into the specifics but suggested that differing viewpoints were a key factor.

Furthermore, Tromp is set to assume the same managerial role at EF Education-Cannondale, a new women’s team within the EF Education-EasyPost outfit, starting from 2024. She hinted that the decision for her and several team members to leave Jumbo-Visma was well-considered and motivated by strong reasons, implying that they felt their efforts perhaps weren’t sufficiently appreciated.

The Move of Staff and Riders

It’s not just Tromp transitioning to EF Education-Cannondale; team director Carmen Small and riders Coryn Labecki, Kim Cadzow, and Naomi Rüegg are also making the switch. Tromp felt it was a prudent choice to leave a situation where she did not feel adequately supported and to seek out a team that values the exhaustive work entailed in creating and sustaining a competitive cycling team.

The significant migration of both staff and riders is seen by Tromp as indicative of potentially broader issues within Jumbo-Visma, including what she perceives as a lack of vision from her successor. However, she acknowledges the invaluable experience gained through her tenure at Jumbo-Visma, which included learning team-building and management skills and discovering her own leadership style – expertise she intends to carry into her new role with EF Education-Cannondale.