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Gerben Kuypers beats Eli Iserbyt at Kermiscross Ardooie

In a display of sheer power, 23-year-old Gerben Kuypers of Circus-ReUz-Technord took the top honours at Kermiscross Ardooie, the second Belgian cyclocross event of the season. The race initially saw a large group sticking together, with no significant separation in the early laps. However, a leading group of nine eventually emerged, featuring big names like Eli Iserbyt, Michael Vanthourenhout, and Gerben Kuypers himself.

Finding the leading pack still too crowded, Kuypers decided to up the ante. Only Iserbyt and Vanthourenhout from Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal could initially keep pace. But ‘keeping pace’ was just about all they did, as Kuypers relentlessly hammered at the front.

His strategy paid off. First, Vanthourenhout fell back, unable to maintain the high tempo set by Kuypers. Iserbyt was next to find himself struggling to match the pace. Kuypers steadily extended his lead over Iserbyt and eventually crossed the finish line solo. Iserbyt had to settle for a second-place finish, while Joran Wyseure completed the podium in third.

2023 Kermiscross Ardooie result

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