Giorgia Bronzini and Wim Stroetinga part of sports management 2022


Liv Racing’s new sports management for 2022 is getting its shape. The UCI Women’s WorldTeam is proud to announce the arrival of Giorgia Bronzini and Wim Stroetinga. Both will become sports directors and will also play an important role in coaching and developing talent. Stroetinga will become sports director as well as performance manager.

Bronzini, one of the few female sports directors in the peloton: “After my career as a professional cyclist I immediately got into the team’s car. For three years I had the opportunity to work with many world-class riders. I am very grateful to Trek-Segafredo for that. But I notice that it is now time to go for a new challenge. I want to play a more important role in training upcoming talents. I want to be closer to the personal trainers of the riders, work more closely with the performance management and thus be of even bigger value to the riders. At Liv Racing there is plenty of room for this within the newly developed coaching structure. The aim is to improve the individual riders and to ride race finals with them. I want to put everyone in a position to win. In this way we want to raise the overall level of the team. The long-term goal is to structurally compete for wins in big UCI Women’s WorldTour races.”

“Liv Racing is a team that I have valued highly. The team inspires me with its way of racing. The riders always try to make the race hard, there is always a clear tactical plan behind it. Liv Racing is also known in the peloton as a very friendly, accessible team. As a rider and sports director, I have fought many sporting battles with riders from the team. On the bike we were rivals, but apart from that we were always very friendly. Respect is an important core value in professional sport. The respect at Liv Racing also stems from the way the team is managed. In combination with the professional perspective it therefore feels very good to continue at Liv Racing.”


Stroetinga: “After I stopped racing professionally last year I started working as a bike mechanic at a retail shop and as a sports director at the development team NXTG. I am proud that a large and well-organised team like Liv Racing came to me at this stage. It shows appreciation. Anyone who knows me from my past as a road and track cyclist knows that I have always been very interested in issues such as materials, seating positions and aerodynamics. I am happy to use this knowledge and experience to optimise various performance-related issues at Liv Racing. A lot of small improvements together can often make a big difference. I combine the role of performance manager with that of sports director.”

In cooperation with Giorgia Bronzini, Wim Stroetinga hopes to ensure a nice interaction. “Giorgia has of course created fame as a sprinter. And I also have the necessary sprinter experience. It would be great if we could give the sprint element some extra attention within Liv Racing. I know how to set up a sprint train, which side to choose. And Giorgia has a lot of experience in that as well. She also knows how sprints work in the women’s peloton. In that sense we complement each other perfectly.”

Bronzini and Stroetinga will join the team in the preparation for the 2022 road season.

Photo credits: Cor Vos