GT Krush Rebel Lease confirms pair of signings – Limpens & Van Hout

GT Krush Rebel Lease Pro Cycling is set to strengthen its team with the addition of two promising riders, Pien Limpens and Renée van Hout. Limpens, aged 22, transitions from Parkhotel Valkenburg, where she spent three years. She’s eager to compete in races like the Volta Limburg Classic, where she previously finished fifteenth, and the Amstel Gold Race, now representing her new team.

Limpens expressed her enthusiasm for joining GT Krush Rebel Lease Pro Cycling, stating, “I’m deeply thankful for this opportunity. After a couple of tough seasons, I’m completely ready to embrace the challenges with my new team. I aim to excel in stage races with significant climbing and look forward to races close to home. I’m also keen on developing as an all-around cyclist and am confident that GT Krush Rebel Lease Pro Cycling will provide the necessary support and knowledge for my growth.”

Renee van Hout

Renée van Hout, also 22, comes from WV De Amstel. Having secured second in the final classification of the Ras na mBan and a top-ten finish in the Tour de Feminin, Van Hout is a new addition to the continental circuit. She’s particularly enthusiastic about tackling climbing races and improving her tactical skills and time trial performance.

Van Hout shared her goals, saying, “This year, I’m focused on enhancing my understanding of tactics, positioning, and teamwork with GT Krush Rebel Lease. I’m known for enduring long distances, but I aim to work on my explosive power and gain more experience in time trials. Climbing races like Gracia Orlova and Tour de Feminin excite me the most, and I’m eager to compete in them.”

Both riders are geared up for a thrilling season with GT Krush Rebel Lease Pro Cycling, bringing their distinct strengths and aspirations to contribute to the team’s success.

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