How to Take Care of Your Bike Like A Professional

People use bicycles for many activities. Some use the two-wheeled ride as a means of transportation, others use it for exercise, sports, or competitions. Taking care of your bike is crucial to make sure that it won’t fail you. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your bike like a professional.

Make Sure the Tyres are Inflated

Inflating your bicycle tires properly is very important. Every tire type requires a certain amount of air and the air differs from one tire type to another. Usually, you can find the amount of air you’re supposed to have in the tire clarified on the side. Checking your tires every time you take your bike out is important because if they’re not properly inflated, they can easily get punctured. To ensure that they’re inflated properly, you should get a pump that is compatible with the bike’s tires. Getting a portable pump with the same valve type as your bike’s tires is best to get the best results.

Bike Storage

When you’re trying to take care of your bike, you should definitely think about the storage. One of the best options is getting bike racks for their various advantages. Getting a storage rack for your bike will provide you with a safe space for your ride. There are many types of racks to suit the space you have available. One common type that people use are wall racks, which you can use if you don’t have enough floor space to place your bike in. Different sizes of floor racks are available for you as well as different sizes of wall racks.

Lubricate the Bike

Lubricating and cleaning the parts of your bike regularly is extremely important to protect it, maintain its performance, and prevent rust and corrosion. There are a few parts that need regular lubricating but you should be careful not to overlubricate, as this will result in poor performance from the bike. The chain is one part that needs frequent lubricating as it is the bike’s main moving part. If you regularly ride your bike in dusty or muddy terrain, you should lubricate the chain and clean it more often. You need to lubricate all moving parts with a few drops of oil, like brakes and derailleur assemblies. Before taking your bike out for a ride, make sure to wipe away any excess oil.

Check the Brakes

Having faulty brakes can result in physical harm to the bike’s rider which is why it’s very important to always check your brakes. If you ride regularly then you will have to replace your brakes a few times a year. Whenever you feel that your brakes are not as strong as they should be, that’s when you need to replace them. You should test your brake each time before you take it out for a ride to ensure your safety.

Taking care of your bike is important to keep it in the best condition possible and to ensure that you are as safe as possible when riding. To be extremely safe, be sure to wear your helmet, and knee and elbow pads like a professional cyclist would do.

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