Human Powered Health Unveils New Kit for 2024 Season


Human Powered Health has introduced its new jersey and kit for the 2024 racing season, reflecting the team’s evolution as it embarks on its first year as a standalone Women’s World Tour team. The new design, which combines features from the past two designs, was created by Circuit Sport and manufactured by Pactimo. The Flyte jersey, black Flyte bib shorts, and Flyte one-piece suit will make their first appearance at the Santos Tour Down Under on January 12th 2024.

The kit showcases the Human Powered Health logo prominently on the chest, with Thorne assuming a more significant role in the design for 2024. A larger logo on the back of the jersey enhances visibility for fans, especially from the aerial views during TV coverage. A new addition for this year is the subtle “wavelengths” pattern on the pockets, adding a unique touch.

Sam Wiebe, Chief Creative Officer, highlighted the integration of partner logos into the design. Brands like Factor Bikes, Black Inc, Wahoo Fitness, Goodyear Bicycle Tires, and Zwift are seamlessly incorporated, making them feel like a natural part of the kit’s aesthetic. Emily Saint.Onge, the art director, and Wiebe have focused on making the logos prominent and harmonious with the overall design and refining the team’s trademark orange and purple gradient.

The kit’s gradient, symbolising Human Powered Health’s Pillars of Performance, transitions from warm to cool colours. Saint.Onge elaborated on the modifications made to the gradient, aiming for a full spectrum of colour visible from every angle, particularly noticeable on the left hip and across the shoulders.

The team, which faced challenges in 2023, including the closure of its men’s squad due to sponsorship issues, is now concentrating solely on its women’s team. Despite starting the season at risk of relegation, a combination of improved performance and external factors, like the merger of Liv Racing and Jayco AlUla, ensured the team’s continuation in the WorldTour. Moving from 27th to 14th in the team rankings marks significant progress, and with a refocused effort on the women’s squad, Human Powered Health is poised and hopeful to continue its upward trajectory in 2024 and beyond.

The team has secured 9 new signings, including the likes of Yuli Biriukova, Krista Doebel-Hickok, Ruth Edwards, Maelle Grossetete, Romy Kasper, Wiktoria Pikulik, Katia Ragusa, Silvia Zanardi and Linda Zanetti.

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