Jasper Philipsen commits to Alpecin-Deceuninck until 2028: “I’m not leaving”


The world of professional cycling often sees riders making strategic career moves, and the latest headline is sure to spark interest. A top sprinter has signed a four-year extension with his Belgian team, taking a cue from the career decisions of Mathieu van der Poel.

In a recent interview with Cyclingnews, the sprinter shared insights into his decision-making process. “Seeing how Mathieu has planned his career inspired me. Staying with a team that provides the right environment for growth is crucial,” he said. His reflections mirror a sentiment seen among many riders who seek stability and support from their teams.

This extension is particularly notable given the current competitive landscape. With many teams scouting new talent, securing a long-term commitment from a leading sprinter is a strategic move for the Belgian squad. This signing not only bolsters their roster but also strengthens their chances in upcoming races.

Performance and Future Goals

The sprinter has had an impressive season, showcasing his skills in various races. His consistency has not gone unnoticed, and this contract extension is a vote of confidence in his abilities. The team is optimistic about the future, with both rider and management aligned on key goals.

Discussing his ambitions for the next four years, he mentioned, “I want to keep improving and aim for more wins. The team and I have a clear plan, and I’m excited to see what we can achieve together.” This focus on continuous improvement and clear goal-setting underscores the team’s commitment to success.

Comparisons to Van der Poel

Mathieu van der Poel’s career path serves as a blueprint for many riders. His success across various disciplines, including road cycling and cyclocross, highlights the benefits of strategic career planning. By choosing to stay with their teams, riders like Van der Poel and the sprinter show that loyalty and the right environment can yield excellent results.

Team Dynamics and Support

The Belgian squad has built a reputation for nurturing talent, and this contract extension is a testament to their supportive environment. By fostering strong relationships with their riders, they ensure that both the team and the individuals thrive.

As noted by the team’s director, “Our philosophy is to create a home for our riders. When they feel supported, they perform at their best.” This approach has clearly paid off, with the team enjoying a successful season and looking forward to more victories with their top sprinter leading the charge.

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