Joris Nieuwenhuis takes another Superprestige win at Boom

Joris Nieuwenhuis triumphed in the Superprestige Boom, marking his second consecutive win in the series. He established an early lead, maintaining a small but consistent gap over Britain’s Cameron Mason, who followed closely but couldn’t quite bridge the gap. Eli Iserbyt secured third place, further solidifying his lead in the Superprestige standings.

Mason, living near the course, expressed his delight in securing a podium finish in his local race. “It was fun and great to be part of such a significant race close to home,” Mason said. He acknowledged the race was more of a time trial effort for him, as he couldn’t quite catch Nieuwenhuis, who was the strongest on the day.

Nieuwenhuis, who focused solely on cyclo-cross after a stint on the road, felt confident from the outset. “I knew I was in good form. Once the race pace slowed down, I took my chance to push ahead, maintaining a strong and focused ride throughout,” he explained. This strategy played to his strengths, allowing him to ride at his own rhythm and avoid the erratic pace of group racing.

Eli Iserbyt, finishing third, was conscious of the upcoming World Cup in Flamanville. “The course was quite slippery, and I opted not to take too many risks. I’m looking forward to Flamanville, which suits me better,” Iserbyt shared. He aims to win at least one race when competing in two over a weekend, seeing the World Cup as a more significant objective due to its points system.

The race in Boom saw several notable absences, including Lars van der Haar and Pim Ronhaar, allowing Nieuwenhuis and Mason to shine. Nieuwenhuis, especially, demonstrated his ability to consistently perform well throughout the season, a trait he attributes to his time on the road. His approach to cyclo-cross remains unchanged, focusing on maintaining a steady pace from start to finish.

2023 Superprestige Boom Men result

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Main photo credit: Cor Vos

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