Kasia Niewiadoma stepped onto the podium today with second place at La Fléche Wallonne in Huy, Belgium. Kasia was well supported by her CANYON//SRAM Racing teammates during the race, especially with Elise Chabbey present in several important moves. The race was won by Anna van der Breggen (SDW), claiming her seventh consecutive victory.

Putting the events of missing the podium at Amstel Gold last weekend behind her, Kasia said from the start she felt confident of a good performance.

“From the beginning of the race we had some great feelings within our team. The stress level was very low which meant I could relax and stay focused on the final. Elise had a great race in the main breakaway, and then when she was caught she really kept fighting and attacking, and trying to make a difference. Seeing that, gave me confidence for the final and that we’re all in it together. When you get support like that then you’re willing to give even more,” said Kasia.

The Polish rider, usually renown for early blistering attacks, tried to play a more patient game.

“In previous years I’ve always been sprinting to try to get to the bottom of the Mur and be right in the front. I felt strong today, and I knew that no one could really drop me right at the start of the Mur. So, I kept more relaxed and as the climb went on I came next to Anna and I tried to keep calm.”

“At 150m to go, Anna was next to me and I was thinking I could take a gap and so I put some more pressure on. Even when she attacked me I truly believed that I could stay on her wheel. But in the end, Anna knows how to win on that climb, and I couldn’t stay with her for the last metres.”

“I have no regrets. I’m satisfied with my race and I’m very happy to be on the podium!” added Kasia.