Lacets de Montvernier: The stunning serpentine road

France’s picturesque landscapes are a treasure trove for explorers, with the Lacets de Montvernier tucked within the Savoie region of the French Alps, being a particularly enthralling spot. This slender, snaking road is a testament to engineering brilliance and a haven for those with a penchant for scenic drives. Its sinuous stretch promises a blend of adrenaline rush and tranquil vistas, catering to thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Dive into the allure of Lacets de Montvernier as we unravel the charm it holds.

Lacets de Montvernier

Lacets de Montvernier, fondly dubbed the “laces of Montvernier,” encapsulates a 3.5 km journey marked by 18 tight hairpin bends. Conceived in 1934, this road was crafted to bridge the villages of Montvernier and Pontamafrey, evolving over time into a magnet for both locals and tourists.

The hallmark of this stretch is its design. The closely nestled hairpin turns to orchestrate a serpentine ascent up the mountain, offering a rhythmic dance between man-made marvel and natural splendour. With each twist and turn, one is greeted by a changing tableau of majestic mountains and verdant valleys, crafting an indelible imprint on the memory.

Steering through France’s Scenic Splendour

For the motoring enthusiast, the Lacets de Montvernier is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Its sharp turns, inclined ascents, and the panorama of nature’s artistry concoct an exhilarating voyage that tingles the senses.

Beyond the high-octane thrill, the road is a canvas of serene beauty for anyone with an eye for nature’s grandeur. The zenith offers a vista that is a feast for the eyes, with ample spots to halt and soak in the beauty that sprawls before you. The road, though narrow and winding, is a gentle whisper of adventure, encouraging cautious exploration.

Lacets de Montvernier

Unmissable Adventure Awaits

Whether a veteran driver or a leisurely traveller, the allure of Lacets de Montvernier is undeniable. The road unfurls a unique spectacle, ranking it among the exquisite mountain drives in France, something to be experienced and cherished.

The route isn’t merely a stretch of asphalt, but a journey through the heart of nature, interspersed with engineering genius. It beckons the heart of those seeking a tranquil escape or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, making it a quintessential addition to your French Alps exploration itinerary. The Lacets de Montvernier is more than just a road; it’s a passage that transports you through the serene and sublime facets of the French Alps, promising a rendezvous with nature that’s etched in time.

Lacets de Montvernier in the Tour de France

The Lacets de Montvernier ascended into the spotlight on the international cycling stage when it made its debut in the Tour de France in 2015. Its entry was nothing short of dramatic as it was featured on the 18th stage, a crucial segment of the race, rendering it an instant classic among the cycling community. The sinuous terrain posed a stern test to the cyclists, pushing their handling skills and endurance to the edge. The dramatic aerial shots captured the peloton snaking through the hairpin bends, painting a mesmerising picture that showcased not just the athletic prowess of the cyclists, but the enchanting beauty of the road itself.

This association with one of cycling’s most prestigious races has only enhanced its appeal, drawing cycling enthusiasts and Tour de France aficionados to traverse the now iconic bends and emulate the professionals. The allure of Lacets de Montvernier has been further romanticised by its association with the Tour de France and returned in the 2018 Tour de France as well.

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