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Léa Curinier : “The sensations were better than yesterday”

Léa Curinier took 32 nd place in the 3 rd stage of the Giro Donne which ended in Ovada.



“This stage developed 135 km with a series of bumps from the 70th kilometre. The first part was rather calm, it did not go very fast then we experienced the rain which has the effect of hardening the race, you had to be very concentrated and it was becoming dangerous! In the first bump, it attacked from everywhere! I managed to hang on. The sensations are better than yesterday, there are still 7 days of racing. We take the steps little by little. It was a beautiful day despite the bad weather.


“This 3rd stage of the Giro Donne was quite hectic with a center-thirty-five kilometres which presented a flat profile at the start, and after 70 kilometres there was a series of rather steep and painful bumps. The first part of the race was contested in the rain which caused a lot of rain and slips within the peloton. Once we got to the bumps, the pace picked up, there are crashes and breaks in all directions. I finish behind the peloton. Typhaine and Amandine fell, Léa finished in the first group, tomorrow it’s time and then we will seize the opportunities that will present themselves to us ”.


“ I liked this stage on paper and I liked it also during the race, the only problem I encountered was the rain, and it paralyzes me especially as the falls have multiplied. At the end of the first climber I am far away, but as the white jersey had fallen, I clung to her, and I was able to leave with her, and her group. I managed to get back within the group to which Gréta belonged. It’s a disappointment for me on a course that suited me  ”


FRANCK RENIMEL (Sporting director)

“The idea today was for the riders to be actors because yesterday there was a complicated summit finish. There had been more opening today so the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team had to be present in the blows. This is what we tried to do in particular with Léa who was in the group of 25, who is playing for 4th place. It’s much better than yesterday, there has been an awareness on the part of the group that we can do great things in the Giro even if the level is very high. It’s just a shame that Léa couldn’t get a better place in the sprint. As for the others, it was a little more complicated with a fall for Typhaine, but fortunately not serious! “


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