Lifeplus Wahoo confirms its 2023 line-up


After a tough off-season where Le Col-Wahoo turned into Lifeplus-Wahoo, the team is now able to confirm which 12 riders will wear their colours in 2023. Only 2 riders remain from the 2022 line-up after the team had to make its riders available when it looked like the 2023 season was potentially going to see cutbacks. As it turned out, Lifeplus joined the team for 2023 and 2024 and restored the budget to very close to the original amount. The team is now able to continue its role as the highest-ranked British women’s team.

“We have gathered a young but talented team, determined to take the next step in their development. Having secured automatic Women’s World Tour invitations, due to our fantastic 2022 season, we can be focused on the race calendar that is ahead of us.”

Tom Varney, Lifeplus-Wahoo team manager

12 riders will race in the new dark green of Lifeplus-Wahoo in 2023, with an international feel to the team as well. Eluned King and April Tacey are the holdovers from 2022, with riders like Ella Harris confirmed before the Le Col sponsorship debacle. One of the final riders to be confirmed was Maria Novolodskaya who joins from UAE Team ADQ. Margaux Vigié and Typhaine Laurance were rumoured to be joining B&B Hotels before that project closed early. Without a team, they were snapped up by Lifeplus-Wahoo.

New Zealand rider Ella Wyllie has already got the team off to a good start in 2023. She raced for the New Zealand national team, finishing 8th in GC. There is the potential for Lifeplus-Wahoo to be in the Women’s WorldTour promotion conversation this year and these early points will be a big help.

Lifeplus-Wahoo 2023 Roster

  • Ella Harris
  • Eluned King
  • Typhaine Laurance
  • Maddie Leech
  • Maria Novolodskaya
  • Kate Richardson
  • Kaja Rysz
  • Karin Söderqvist
  • April Tacey
  • Babette van der Wolf
  • Margaux Vigié
  • Ella Wyllie

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