Lizzie Stannard to join EF Education-Cannondale in 2024

Lizzie Stannard

Today it was announced that 26-year-old Aussie Lizzie Stannard has signed with EF Education-Cannondale from the end of the 2023 season. Originating from a sport-loving family in New Zealand, Stannard was a triathlete before fully committing to cycling.

Stannard explained her transition from triathlon to cycling was driven by her craving for competitive racing. After a transformative North American road trip that included the Gatineau Grand Prix, Stannard returned to New Zealand and faced a crossroads. An invitation from an Australian cycling team swayed her towards professional cycling.

The pandemic’s impact on Australian races led her to Europe. Initially joining an Italian team, Valcar, for a minimal salary, Stannard later moved to Girona, Spain. The decision proved advantageous, both for her professional growth and for joining a thriving cycling community.

Stannard aims to further her career through the opportunities at EF Education-Cannondale, particularly under the guidance of team general manager Esra Tromp. Tromp praised Stannard’s adaptability and strength, hinting at a bright future.

The Aussie cyclist’s off-season plans include hiking in Switzerland before returning to the Southern Hemisphere for the summer. With her new stint at EF Education-Cannondale, Stannard is poised for a career that promises competitive thrills and professional growth.