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Lucie Liboreau Faces Surgery for Thymus Tumor

Lucie Liboreau, hailing from Loir-et-Cher, is confronting a significant setback as she prepares for surgery to address a tumour in her thymus gland, located in the upper part of the chest between the lungs. DirectVelo learned of her upcoming operation directly from the young cyclist and made it known widely.

Liboreau has been grappling with health issues for months, experiencing persistent coughing and difficulty exerting herself physically. “I was coughing a lot recently, unable to make significant efforts. I struggled to breathe,” she shared. Despite her health challenges, she still managed to compete in two races in Spain at the end of January. However, she returned home afterwards and is now awaiting a surgery date, expected to take place in March.

Having recently joined the WinSpace team after spending the 2023 season with Arkéa, 21-year-old Liboreau understands that she must exercise patience during her recovery. Nevertheless, she remains focused on her health above all else. “It’s a major operation, but I’m relieved to know what’s going on. It explains some of the difficulties I’ve experienced since last year,” she expressed. Liboreau had been eagerly anticipating the start of her new journey with WinSpace, but the uncertainty surrounding her recovery timeline leaves her unsure of when she’ll be able to return to competition.

Just a year ago, Lucie Liboreau embarked on her professional cycling career by joining Arkéa Pro Cycling. Despite initially feeling awe-inspired by the team’s resources and support, her experience was marred by injury and disagreements with team management. “At first, I was impressed. I joined a team with significant resources. I received clothing, suitcases, a lot of equipment…,” she recounted. However, she soon suffered a knee injury (cartilage problem) that hindered her training. Additionally, she found herself at odds with her sports director. “We didn’t share the same vision for races, and let’s just say I wasn’t riding the type of bike I enjoy,” she explained.

With no regrets, she sought out a new opportunity and was approached by Stade Rochelais at the end of the season. Although the professional structure initially faced uncertainties about its future, it was eventually taken over by Chinese sponsor Winspace, allowing Liboreau to join the team.