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Lydia Iglesias, new signing of Bizkaia-Durango

The Aranesa Lydia Iglesias will race with the Continental UCI Bizkaia-Durango team in the 2021 season.

With only a year of experience in competitive cycling, Iglesias has managed to surprise herself and everyone after achieving good results during 2020, achieving a most outstanding result of eighth place in the very tough Spanish Championship held in Jaén.

Coming from cross-country skiing before starting her career as a cyclist, Iglesias is a complete runner who defends herself especially well on broken and hard terrain. The 23-year-old will try to continue to make progress, with Bizkaia-Durango, to become one of the team’s lynchpins.

Statement by Agurtzane Elorriaga, sporting director of Bizkaia-Durango: “We look forward to working with Lydia. In his first year, despite all the difficulties, she has shown that he has a lot of potential and can achieve great things. It is important to continue developing it so that it takes more and more confidence in the peloton, because physically it has many qualities that can make it very important to us.”


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