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Maaike Coljé to continue with Arkea-B&B Hotels in 2024

Maaike Colje

Dutch cyclist Maaike Coljé has announced her contract extension with the Arkea-B&B Hotels team, which transitions into ARKEA-B&B HOTELS in 2024. Having joined the Breton-based outfit in January 2023, Coljé has had a strong season, often going on the attack and showing tremendous promise as a climber in her own right.

“I am thrilled to continue with the team,” Coljé stated. “The past year has been reassuring in many aspects— from acclimatising with the team ethos to pinpointing my role. The arrival of new partner B&B Hotels and fresh faces in 2024 adds to the excitement. My goals remain the same: to excel in climbing-focused races and to be a dependable ally for my leaders.”

Emmanuel Hubert, the General Manager of the team, lauded Coljé for her rapid acclimatisation and standout performances. “In just one season, Maaike has proven to be an indispensable asset, both as a climber and as a strategic teammate who can put her leaders into prime positions,” Hubert said. He particularly highlighted Coljé’s strong showing at the Tour de France Femmes, where her team-centric approach was evident, as well as her third-place finish in the women’s Vuelta Extramadura earlier in the season.

The Dutch rider, who sees her strengths most vividly on the climbs, has her eyes set on races that play to these capabilities. Coljé’s penchant for hillier courses isn’t mere preference; it’s backed by results, making her a credible threat in the women’s peloton in terrains that require both stamina and strategy.

Beyond individual aspirations, Coljé also casts herself as a team player willing to create race dynamics, engage in breakaways, and sacrifice her chances for her leaders when required. Her diverse skill set doesn’t merely make her a rider to watch; it makes her a rider around whom strategies can be formed and victories envisioned.

The contract extension resonates as a logical progression for both Coljé and the Arkea-B&B Hotels. With the incoming sponsorship deal of B&B Hotels and new riders slated to join the ranks, the 2024 season is shaping up to be a transformative year. For Coljé, it’s an opportunity to consolidate her standing as a climber and teammate while embracing the team’s evolving identity and ambitions.