Margot Marasco to join AG Insurance U23 team from their U19 squad

Margot Marasco, a young French cyclist, is taking her career to the next level. Starting in January 2024, she’ll be joining the AG Insurance U23 team. This is a big step for her, especially since she joined their junior U19 team just a year ago.

Marasco said the last season taught her a lot. “It wasn’t just about riding a bike fast. I learned how to be a team player,” she mentioned. Her teammates and coaches showed her the ropes, teaching her how to understand races and be a dedicated team member.

Moving up to the U23 team is something she’s really excited about. “It’s a chance to see where I stand against tougher competition,” Marasco said. She knows that being in the U23 will be a bigger challenge, but she’s ready for it. “I’ll get to work on my skills and act even more like a pro,” she added. She’s looking forward to the new season with big goals and the same enthusiasm as before. “2024 will have its challenges, but I can’t wait to tackle them,” she noted. For Marasco, the most important thing is to keep enjoying the sport she loves.