Marta 5th at Paris Roubaix!

Marta 5th at Paris Roubaix!

Top 5 of Marta Cavalli sur Paris Roubaix 2022!

On April 16, the 2nd edition of Paris Roubaix Femmes took place. Flavien Soenen, our performance director, present at the race, talks about our race objectives: “We had a pretty clear plan for today, with two identified leaders that we really had to push forward. Of course, you can be surprised by Roubaix, you can get into a lot of trouble, and all the plans fall through, so you don’t have to close all the other doors, but it was really important for the team of set the goal, to try to get the victory.”

About the course of the race, he tells us: “On the first lap, we thought it wasn’t going to start too badly, that it was quite calm, and in fact, we ended up with Marta who fell. She didn’t he had no more his good bike, 1 lap and a half before the first cobbled section, we made the decision to do a repair at this moment. Then we heard about a fall, in which Grace was involved. Our second leader was therefore also in a bad situation. At that time, we decided to bring in team members to restore the situation.”

“We were lucky that our two leaders remobilized quickly!” he adds. “We really insisted on the fact that in Paris Roubaix, anything can happen, and we kept repeating to them in the earpiece “Never Give Up”! And that’s what happened, the two came back, and they got back into the race. Stine and Eugénie, in particular, did a hell of a job, and if Marta and Grace finish so well ranked, it’s mainly thanks to them. Then it’s really a shame, but we lose Marie and Maëlle to a puncture in the final. Marie was really in a good position because she was still in the first group. But in the end, our leaders managed to secure the blow, they managed to follow the best from sectors 7 and 6. C was the money time, and they were really into it! Grace suffered in the final because she was a little sick these last few days, on the other hand, Marta was really very efficient! A top 5 with a fall and a puncture, it’s a very good result !”

Marta, who arrived 5th on the finish line at the Roubaix velodrome, looks back on this mythical race: “Today was a crazy but incredible race. Paris Roubaix is ​​an epic race, the cobblestones are a real pain and whoever is able to bear the pain may be at the top!I had a great team behind me, during the race the girls took care of me in the worst moments and Nico and Flavien guided the team from the car, a really nice job for the team. Our staff were great, they were everywhere with water bottles and wheels and it was helpful when I lost time. To be able to play for another big result was just amazing, the Roubaix velodrome gives me the flesh of Another big day in the pocket, I’m looking forward to the next races.”

Grace Brown, who will have crossed the line in twelfth position, reflects on her first participation in the hell of the North: “Paris-Roubaix is ​​such a special race. It is unlike any other race on the calendar. Bad luck is part of it, and we had our share of it but the team was very motivated to fight together to the finish line today and I think we can be very proud of the way we rode. reached my limit with 25km to go and couldn’t keep up the pace. I don’t think I was at my normal level after recovering from COVID last week. But overall I did have a great day on the cobblestones!”