Miriam Vece’s shot towards the 2024 Games: “European Championships in Monaco and World Championships in Paris”

Lo scatto di Miriam Vece verso i Giochi 2024: «Decisivi Europei di Monaco e Mondiali di Parigi»
Miriam Vece, after second place in the Nations Cup in Glasgow, illustrates her goals for 2022, with an eye already on the 2024 Paris Olympics.

On Saturday 23 April, the Glasgow velodrome awarded Italy the fourth international women’s medal in the 500-meter specialty. The credit, once again, goes to Miriam Vece, second in the Nations Cup in the race won by the Colombian Martha Bayona Pineda.

“I am satisfied with the result, even if the chronometric result was not of the highest level”, explains the 25-year-old who has defended the colors of Valcar – Travel & Service since she was 13 and who moved to Aigle, Switzerland in 2018. , to devote himself exclusively to the activity on the track. «It was a new beginning: first race of the season and first race with the new coach and the new work team».

What are the goals for this year?

«European Championships in Munich, scheduled for August, and World Championships in Paris in October. To present myself in the best possible way, I will participate in the second round of the Nations Cup in Canada in mid-May and then in some C1s in Europe. In addition to medals and titles, from August onwards there will also be points to qualify for the 2024 Olympics ».

Was it the Olympics that convinced you to turn yourself into a pistard?

“No, the junior race courses, which had a little too much uphill for my taste. After the four years in the youth categories, in which I obtained excellent results, finding myself trudging at the back of the group did not appeal to me. Hence the idea, shared with Valentino Villa and Dino Salvoldi, of focusing on the track “.

When did the first results arrive?

«At the Under 23 European Championships in 2018: victory in the sprint and in the 500 meters. At that moment I realized that I had found my dimension, but also that I had a long way to go to be competitive at the highest levels ».

Hence the decision to move to Aigle?

“Exactly. Initially for a period of five months, then permanently. Here I found the ideal environment to improve myself: structures, work teams and coaches specialized in this type of preparation “.

What has changed in your preparation?

«Everything: workloads, sessions in the gym, technique. To be competitive in speed on the track, one must forget the ‘traditional’ training methods “.

How have you changed in these four years?

“First of all I learned English; then the distance from home taught me to value important relationships ».

It takes a lot of motivation to decide to move to Switzerland at 18. Where does yours come from?

“I want to become one of the best specialists in the world, which would allow me to write a new chapter for Italy in a specialty where the blue shirts were absent.”

And what about Miriam Vece’s desire once she got off the saddle?

“I would like to take the level 2 coach diploma, to pass on to others what I have learned: in addition to technique, self-confidence and work culture”.