Movistar Team Aims for Financial Boost with Second Sponsor

Movistar Team, long sponsored by the telecommunications giant Telefonica, is actively seeking a co-sponsor to enhance its financial capabilities. Team boss Eusebio Unzué, in a recent interview with Mundo Deportivo, shared insights into the ongoing search for an additional financier. At 68 years old, Unzué remains hopeful of announcing a new sponsor in the coming year, emphasising the benefits it would bring to the team, particularly in retaining top riders and being more competitive in the transfer market.

Unzué acknowledged that currently, Movistar’s budget positions them between sixth and tenth in the WorldTour rankings. He believes an extra sponsor could substantially increase their budget, enabling them to attract and sign riders beyond their current financial reach. This sentiment was echoed in his previous comments on the RadioCycling podcast.

Contrary to earlier rumours, Repsol, a Spanish oil and gas company with a history of motorsport sponsorship, will not be joining as Movistar’s partner. Instead, Repsol recently became a title sponsor for the Norwegian continental team Team Coop, now known as Team Coop-Repsol. This development leaves Movistar still in search of a second sponsor to bolster its financial strength and competitive edge in the coming seasons.

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