New Fenix-Deceuninck CX team featuring Puck Pieterse

Puck Pieterse 2023 Fenix Deceuninck headshot

Fenix-Deceuninck is diversifying its cycling disciplines, adding cyclocross and mountain biking to its repertoire. The team has named Puck Pieterse as the leader of the off-road selection. Pieterse will be supported in the coming months by Marthe Truyen, Yara Kastelijn, Millie Couzens, and Julie De Wilde. All four previously raced for Crelan-Fristads last winter and have been competing on the road for Fenix-Deceuninck this year. The support team will primarily focus on their road careers, thus participating in a limited cyclocross programme.

As for Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado, she will remain the sole woman cyclist for the cyclocross team Alpecin-Deceuninck, which also features Mathieu van der Poel. However, she will continue her road career with Fenix-Deceuninck. The UCI rules stipulate that Alpecin-Deceuninck must have 1 woman on their team and so Alvarado will continue to race in their colours.

Whilst a nominally new team, all of the Fenix-Deceuninck, Alpecin-Deceuninck, Crelan-Corendon and Cyclocross Reds (formerly 777) teams are run by the Roodhooft brothers. So whilst the road team’s riders are split up, they’re all still effectively racing for the same outfit, even if their jerseys don’t necessarily match in the off-season.

Dutch champion Pieterse, also a World Cup Cross Country MTB winner, is set to make her debut in the new kit this Sunday. She will compete in the United States, specifically in the first leg of the Cyclocross World Cup in Waterloo.