Nikola Nosková returns to cyclocross, eye on home World Championships in Tabor

Nikola Noskova CX 2023

Nikola Nosková, a Czech road and cyclocross star, has made a significant turn in her career by opting to return to cyclocross after a tough 2023 season on the road. Her initial team Zaaf Cycling saw their Continental licence taken from them mid-season and a later transfer to Massi-Tactic wasn’t able to run over into the 2024 season due to that team being unable to meet the new regulations for Spanish teams to reach the Continental level.

Upon resettling in the Czech Republic, Nosková has decided to sign with Czech MultiSport Coaching. The team stands ready to equip her with the requisite resources, training, and competitive support. Nosková’s sights are firmly set on clinching the national championship – a triumph that would book her place at this year’s cyclocross World Championship in Tábor.

Recounting her aspirations, Nosková confessed a heartfelt ambition to wear the Czech colours at the World Cup on home soil, stressing the sentimental value of such an opportunity. She recollected her tenure with Massi Tactic as an enriching episode, yet her focus now rests on achieving domestic glory. Her last UCI cyclocross was back in January 2021 at the Czech National Championships, and did Toi Toi Cup Kolin in the weeks leading up to that. That also marked her first CX racing since January 2018.

The upcoming Czech Cup race in Rýmařov marks Nosková’s re-entry into the Czech circuit. This Saturday’s event is not only her comeback race but also serves as a battleground for securing vital UCI points, which could secure a favourable grid position at the Tábor World Championship.

Nosková acknowledges the formidable challenge that lies ahead. Nevertheless, buoyed by her new team’s backing, she is confident of her prospects to claim the national title. Enthusiasts of cyclocross are braced for what promises to be a captivating display of grit and skill as Nosková embarks on her quest.

Nosková is no stranger to elite competition, having competed as a junior in road races at the 2014 and 2015 Road World Championships. Her palmarès include a silver at the 2016 U23 Cyclocross World Championships and a bronze at the 2017 U23 Cyclocross European Championships. In addition to her cyclocross accomplishments, she has also achieved national titles in road racing and time trialling.

Her most notable achievement on home turf was at the 2018 European Road Cycling Championships in Brno, where she bagged a double podium – bronze in the under-23 time trial and gold in the under-23 road race. With such an impressive track record, her transition back into cyclocross is a development that has garnered positive reactions, as the Czech Multisport Coaching team welcomes her with open arms, ready to aid her in her elite cyclocross pursuits.

Main photo credit: Vladislav Karásek