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Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas Unveils New Women’s Elite Cycling Team for 2024

David Walters, founder and manager of the newly launched Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas team, shares his vision and motivation behind this exciting venture.

“After 15 years in team ownership and management, this marks a fresh start for me, albeit with a familiar essence,” Walters explains, reflecting on his journey.

Walters recounts the challenges he faced in the past 18 months, including a sudden epileptic seizure during the 2022 race season, which led to significant personal and logistical disruptions. Despite navigating through financial crises, Brexit, and the pandemic, Walters ultimately had to close down his team at the end of the 2022 season due to unforeseen circumstances.

Undeterred, Walters sought advice and introspection, culminating in the decision to embark on a new endeavour. The team will prioritise developing U23 female riders, with a strategic focus on progressive racing programmes and mentorship from seasoned riders.

“I’m immensely proud of the commitment shown by riders such as Erin, Freya, Bee, Alisha, and Danni,” Walters emphasised, highlighting the collective determination to embrace the opportunities ahead.

The team, named ‘Nouvelles Cycling x Prendas’, will benefit from partnerships with Prendas Ciclismo and Shutt Velo Rapide for custom kit, with a promise of quality and efficiency.

Walters expresses gratitude for both returning members and new partners who share the team’s vision and enthusiasm. He underscores the blend of tradition and innovation, symbolised by the team’s mix of experienced riders and fresh talent.

As the team prepares to compete in the UK and Europe, Walters concludes with optimism for the future, acknowledging the blend of familiarity and novelty that defines this exciting chapter in his career.

The team roster for 2024 includes Alisha Wells of Australia, Bee Townsend of New Zealand, Freya Whiteside, Erin Avill, and Danni Khan of Great Britain.

The team is so far down to race the 2024 Volta Limburg Classic, East Cleveland GP, GP Willi Naessens, Lincoln GP and Vermac Cycling Project races at home and abroad.