Parkhotel Valkenburg (soon to be Volkerwessels) announce 2024 line-up


The Dutch UCI women’s cycling team, Parkhotel Valkenburg, has finalized its roster for the upcoming year. Having mentored and trained talented female cyclists for over 13 years, the esteemed Parkhotel Valkenburg cycling team will undergo a name transformation. From next year onward, they will be recognised as the VolkerWessels Women Cyclingteam.

Reflecting on the past, Raymond Rol, the team manager of Parkhotel Valkenburg’s women’s team, expressed considerable pride in the achievements accomplished under their banner. While the team can boast a host of top-world talent they’ve produced, the figurehead most deserving of acknowledgement is Jos van de Mortel, the main sponsor behind the squad. His primary mission always centred around supporting the cyclists, both in their athletic pursuits and their societal careers.

The new primary sponsor, VolkerWessels, remains committed to sustaining the vision of the team. This commitment is evident in their recent signing of Sabrina Stultiens and Valerie Demey, both seasoned cyclists. These additions will play a pivotal role in sharing their extensive experience with the team’s budding talents. Furthermore, the team bolstered its ranks with attacking cyclists like Anneke Dijkstra, Marieke Meert, and Eline Jansen, all of whom show potential to further hone their skills across various specialities in the years to come. With Femke Beuling on board, the team also gains a competitor eager to do well in sprint finishes.

Valérie Demey, 29, achieved her season’s best by securing the 11th spot at her National Championship. She also had commendable standings in the WorldTour, with 19th at Ronde van Drenthe and 29th at the Tour of Burgos. Last year, she clinched the 3rd spot at Crescent Vargarda, a high-profile result at the Women’s WorldTour level.

Marieke Meert, approaching 24, celebrated victory at the Wim Hendriks Trofee this season and earned a podium finish at the GP Juma Leuven. She also showcased her prowess with 6th place finishes at GP Oetingen and GP Yvonne Reynders, 8th at Tour de Féminin and GP Van Impe Erpe-Mere, and strong positions at several other races too.

Clearly, the future of VolkerWessels Women Cyclingteam looks promising, with a blend of experience and budding talent ready to take on the challenges of 2024.

The 2024 roster for the team is as follows: Meis Poland, Margot Vanpachtenbeke, Laura Molenaar, Quinty Schoens, Lisa van Helvoirt, Scarlett Souren, Sofie van Rooijen, Julia van Bokhoven, Marit Vanhove, Anne van Rooijen, Anne Knijnenburg, Eline Jansen, Sabrina Stultients, Anneke Dijkstra, Femke Beuling, Marieke Meert, and Valerie Demey.

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