Polti joins forces immediately with Basso and Contador to form Polti Kometa in 2024

The Alberto Contador Foundation has announced a partnership that will see Team Polti Kometa take shape starting from January 2024. Polti, a distinguished brand renowned for its dominance in the cycling world for 17 years until 2000, returns to the sport with the guidance of cycling luminaries Ivan Basso and Alberto Contador, aiming to propel the team’s forward-thinking vision.

Kometa, the agri-food giant, has been a steadfast supporter of the Foundation’s cycling endeavours since 2017 and will continue its involvement, marking its eighth consecutive year. Fran Contador, General Manager of the team, has expressed his satisfaction with Kometa’s ongoing commitment. He underscored the substantial journey the company has shared with the team, which transcends the sporting realm, notably contributing to cycling’s development in Hungary. This includes the significant milestone of Budapest hosting the start of the 2022 Giro d’Italia, an event of great importance for Kometa.

Fran Contador articulated his enthusiasm for the future of Team Polti Kometa, stating that Polti’s partnership enhances the team’s standing, lending it further credibility and a fortified sense of purpose. The alliance, slated to span three seasons, is set to fortify the team’s ambitions and improve its dynamic, particularly following its elevation to the ProTeam category.

Francesca Polti, General Director of Polti, echoes this sentiment, embracing the continuation of her family’s involvement in cycling. She articulated a vision that extends beyond brand visibility, utilising cycling as a conduit for promoting healthy living. Francesca noted the aspiration to unearth new cycling champions and hinted at a potential expansion to include women’s cycling in the future. She also praised the immediate rapport and shared philosophies established with Giacomo Pedranzini, CEO of Kometa, and their joint commitment to nurturing talent and endorsing healthy living through their products and initiatives.

Richard Virenque racing for Team Polti the last time the brand was in the pro peloton

Giacomo Pedranzini reflected on the growth journey undertaken with the Contador brothers and Ivan Basso, emphasising the evolution of the team over the years through steadfast dedication and the addition of new partners. With Polti now joining the fold, Pedranzini welcomed the fresh energy and heritage that the partnership brings, underscoring the collective objective of fostering athlete development and honouring the cultural pillar of cycling within Italian tradition. He emphasised Kometa’s dedication to promoting a healthy diet and active lifestyle through the HonestFood movement, synergising with Polti’s mission to enhance well-being in homes and professional spaces.

Ivan Basso expressed immense pride in welcoming Polti back into the cycling sphere. With the amalgamation of support from both Kometa and Polti, he sees a bright future for the team, one filled with fresh resources and elevated goals. The collaboration is seen as a melding of experience and passion, with Francesca and Giacomo’s entrepreneurial spirit at the helm, aiming to uplift emerging talent and position the team as a benchmark in the cycling community.