Puck Pieterse the latest star to pause their cyclocross season

Puck Pieterse 2023 Waterloo

Dutch cyclocross champion Puck Pieterse has announced a hiatus from the sport for the next few weeks. Pieterse, who recently competed in the World Cup at Waterloo, will be taking a break after an exhaustive mountain bike season during the summer months. She aims to return to competitive cyclocross action by the end of November.

Joking about missing the suspension of her mountain bike, Pieterse shared on Instagram that she enjoyed her experience in Waterloo despite the challenges. “I’m taking some rest now and will return to racing at the end of November,” she stated.

While the specific event for Pieterse’s return remains uncertain, the Urban Cross Kortrijk on 25 November and the World Cup in Dublin on 26 November are potential options. This means she will miss out on key events in the interim, including the Koppenbergcross and the European Championships in Pontchâteau. Pieterse clinched the European Championship title in the women’s U23 category last year but has decided to forgo this year’s competition.