QoM winner and 2 podiums in Spain


CANYON//SRAM Generation had another day of outstanding performances in the second round of the women’s Autonomic League today in Ciudad Real, Spain.

At Trofeo Dulcinea, Valentine Nzayisgena won the mountain classification and finished third in the U23 category, while teammate Llori Sharpe was second in the U23 category. They finished tenth and seventh respectively in the overall elite race.

After the podium, Valentine said she was very happy with the race. “We had a good race together and a nice outcome. The racing is different to what I’ve raced in Rwanda but I enjoyed the first weekend with CANYON//SRAM Generation,” says Valentine.

Llori Sharpe explained what happened during the 4-lap, 75km race that included a steep 1km climb each lap.

“That climb was definitely something, to say the least, but after all those incredibly long and some steep climbs back at the training camp in Valencia last month, I’d say my body and mind were prepared to take it on. It was amazing just watching Valentine go over the climb. She made it look so easy! She’s super strong and I’m glad she came out on top with the mountain classification.”

“The peloton had split up from the first climb and I’m really glad Valentine and I made sure we were a part of the group that got away from lap one. I really didn’t think our group would split up further because those riders were all strong in their own right. So, I’m glad we got away and stayed away!”

Llori adds, “I felt well prepared to tackle the two races this weekend and I want to thank Adam, our coach and Sport Director, for ensuring that my program was tailored to condition me as best as possible and Balázs, our mechanic for making sure our bikes were in tip-top shape. My legs feel pretty good after the two races in all honesty. I think that shows that my body is ready to compete and that our soigneur Lizzie is doing an awesome job making sure that we’re well fuelled and recovered to take on our races and best as possible.”

For the first part of its season, CANYON//SRAM Generation focuses on gaining as much experience as possible, learning more about racing in the peloton and working together as a team. Llori said the morale within the team is high, including teammates that weren’t available to race this weekend. She also referred to some of the takeaways from the races.

“The biggest lessons from this weekend I’d say are that one, cycling undoubtedly requires a committed collective effort. I’d definitely attribute this successful weekend to the work put in by the entire team (athletes and staff). And two, my Dad was right when he’d always tell me to have fun and do what I truly enjoy. These two races were loads of fun and they for sure reminded me why I ride my bike; I truly enjoy it.”

Images: ©sergii_raw on Instagram